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  1. How to live a more delightful life

    Back at the start of 2017, before I'd finished rebranding the business to LIFE is better in COLOUR, I wrote a blog post on my old website about choosing my word of the year. After never holding much hope for resolutions, I thought that choosing a special word to live by might just have a little bit more meaning...

    I wanted my word to be something that would help me focus on getting the right balance between paid employment, self employment and self care.

    Initially I thought I'd need a word that was organised and efficient but after a lot of soul searching I realised that my word needed to be less instructional and more empowering! Working through the 'Find Your Word 2017' course by Susannah Conway definitely helped to narrow things down, till I finally chose my word... 

  2. Stitchsperation Horizontal Collage
    The first time I came across Stitchsperation on Instagram it was one of those instant follow moments... where you only have to see one picture to know that you're going to love everything that appears on that timeline... and nothing that Charlie has posted since that first moment has proven me wrong! With Stitchsperation you'll find colour, cross stitch, funky phrases and piles of positivity.
    But don't take my word for it! Here's the latest #meetmycolourcrush interview where I ask Charlie all about her colourful cross stitch business.