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  1. How to add colour to an unloved cardigan

    I thought I was mad planning this colourful cardigan tutorial during the hottest week of the year - but I was banking on the British weather - and knew that by the time I'd finished it would be cool enough for cardigans once more!

    This crafty DIY involves adding some extra colour into an otherwise dull cardigan by swapping the buttons and adding some embroidery. So if you've got an unloved woolly languishing at the back of the wardrobe, why not let your creativity loose and make a start on this multi-coloured makeover! 

  2. 10 Best Rainbow Necklaces

    As you could probably already guess, I'm a bit of a fan of colourful jewellery - but my fascination with rainbows didn't start until Little Magpies joined the sellers at Our Handmade Collective in Leeds. Her colourful baby-safe silicon beads were displayed right by the door, and after a few visits my will-power was weakened and I placed a request with Natalie for a custom coloured rainbow made from rhomboids of rubber! 

    I love my necklace and often get complimented when I'm wearing it - which is a lot because it's rainbow coloured so goes with everything! 

    As I'm in the business of trying to make life more colourful I thought it would be a nice idea to share some of my favourite rainbow coloured necklaces available on Etsy to encourage you all to rock some rainbow accessories!

    Because #lifeisbetterincolour