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  1. As much as I love colour, even I know that it is not always appropriate to dress head-to-toe rainbow! If you work somewhere with a uniform or strict dress code, your use of colour can severly be restricted.

    Provided your uniform policy is not too strict there are lots of ways to add some subtle splashes of colour to your outfit and add some individuality to your corporate clothes!

    Here are my top ten suggestions for XXXXX


    Feeling bold? Colourblock!

    Choose one accent colour and use it to liven up 


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    Today we're making a cute DIY pen pot from an old tin can and some wrapping paper!

    This eco friendly craft tutorial is super quick and super colourful, and you don't need any specialist equipment...

    Click to watch the 'How to make a Tin Can Pen Pot' video on my YouTube channel, or scroll down for all the instructions on individual slides... 

  3. How to make Rainbow Paper Chains Blog Post Header

    Today we're making Rainbow Paper Chains!

    This craft tutorial is super quick and is suitable for colour loving crafters of all ages...

    Whether you're looking for decorations for a rainbow themed birthday party, you need something to brighten up the children's bedrooms, or are thinking about making it a more colourful Christmas, rainbow paper chains are an easy way to inject a big burst of colour into any room.