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If you have read my previous blog post Crafting a brighter future - A period of self reflection you'll know that rather than rushing into any new work I spent most of the first month of 2019 mentally taking stock and looking at ways to make my life more positive. During this review period I indulged in an awful lot of navel gazing and wrote an emotional manifesto of how I wanted to feel, before starting to think more practically about all the things I wanted my life to provide.

So how did I move from introspection towards action?

I filled a notebook with lists. These lists covered EVERYTHING I could possibly think of - things I wanted to do more, things I wanted to do less, long term goals, short term goals, projects I wanted to complete, jobs that I've been putting off and habits I knew I needed to change.

Eventually I realised that many of the activities could be grouped together under similar headings and after listening to the Happier with Gretchen Rubin podcast (episode 203) I decided that I was going to write a superlist - my very own '19 for 2019' 

And here it is!

One whole notebook of hard earned knowledge condensed into nineteen statements of intent:

19 for 2019

I'm really hoping that this list of intentions will help me make more mindful decisions about the types of things I want to do this year.

Writing them down, printing them out, sharing them publicly - are all ways to give myself accountability and make sure I am responsible for taking action. But I know it can't stop there. Many of the things on this list will require effort, and organisation, and a conscious change to inbuilt habits and behaviours. 

It's gonna be hard work - but I totally believe it's gonna be worth it!

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PS - Have you written19 for 2019? I'd love to know! What things are on your list?



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