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  1. 2017 - Living a more delightful life

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    How to live a more delightful life

    Back at the start of 2017, before I'd finished rebranding the business to LIFE is better in COLOUR, I wrote a blog post on my old website about choosing my word of the year. After never holding much hope for resolutions, I thought that choosing a special word to live by might just have a little bit more meaning...

    I wanted my word to be something that would help me focus on getting the right balance between paid employment, self employment and self care.

    Initially I thought I'd need a word that was organised and efficient but after a lot of soul searching I realised that my word needed to be less instructional and more empowering! Working through the 'Find Your Word 2017' course by Susannah Conway definitely helped to narrow things down, till I finally chose my word...