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  1. Crafting a brighter future - Switching to Recycled Toilet Paper

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    Who Gives A Crap Bamboo Toilet Paper

    A blog about using the bog...

    Hello my colour loving friends! Just to warn you, this post is a little different to my usual topics and definitely far less colourful. But that's OK, because sometimes things are just black and white.

    Our planet is heading for a climate catastrophe and collectively we need to do everything we can to be as environmentally conscious as possible. Making large scale changes to our lifestyle can feel overwhelming, but if everyone started off by committing to one small change, we’d be well on our way to crafting a brighter future!

    The first small change I'd like to introduce you to happens in the smallest room in the house...

    I wonder whether I can encourage you to switch to recycled toilet paper?

  2. Crafting a brighter future - Intention Setting

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    Crafting a brighter future Part 2 Blog Header

    If you have read my previous blog post Crafting a brighter future - A period of self reflection you'll know that rather than rushing into any new work I spent most of the first month of 2019 mentally taking stock and looking at ways to make my life more positive. During this review period I indulged in an awful lot of navel gazing and wrote an emotional manifesto of how I wanted to feel, before starting to think more practically about all the things I wanted my life to provide.

    So how did I move from introspection towards action?