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  1. brighten up a Billy bookcase

    Get ready for the best shelfie ever! In today's Five Minute Makeover, I'm going to show you a super simple ikea hack - how to use leftover wallpaper to brighten up the backboard on your Billy bookcase.

    It's really quick and really easy - and you don't need any special tools.

    Ideally you would do your decorating before you finish assembly, but don't worry if your shelves are already in situ, this hack can be carried out even if your bookcase is already built. So let's get started!

  2. Crafting a brighter future Part 2 Blog Header

    If you have read my previous blog post Crafting a brighter future - A period of self reflection you'll know that rather than rushing into any new work I spent most of the first month of 2019 mentally taking stock and looking at ways to make my life more positive. During this review period I indulged in an awful lot of navel gazing and wrote an emotional manifesto of how I wanted to feel, before starting to think more practically about all the things I wanted my life to provide.

    So how did I move from introspection towards action?